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Family Therapy

Divorce Counseling and Separation Counseling In Maryland

Separation Counseling in Ellicott City, MD

Raising a family presents challenges and obstacles that we are not always equipped to face alone. From merging two new families together to facing an unexpected separation, we all need resources to help us find the best way forward.


When you are concerned about your child or teen’s mental health, behavioral attitude towards siblings or your family just needs a little assistance going through a rough patch, there are solutions for all of you to work through these times together at The Family Center with our family therapy options.

Divorce Counseling in Ellicott City, MD

We have doctors on staff who specialize in separation counseling and divorce counseling in Ellicott City, MD. Ease the transition during this difficult time by arranging family therapy with our counselors to assist you, your children, and any other family members.

Every voice is heard during your counseling sessions, and we take a results-focused approach, utilizing your personal strengths to build better relationships and family communication.


Our team of qualified experts is waiting to make an individualized plan for you and your family’s journey today.


Families are comprised of more than just a mom, a dad, and their children; families are composed of immediate and distant relatives, sometimes two moms or two dads, perhaps a single grandparent raising their grandchildren alone, and more.


It can be difficult when your family does not look like everyone else’s, or you have a multi-generational family living closely together, creating tension and potentially exhibiting overly assertive behaviors.


At The Family Center, we work with you no matter what your family dynamic looks like. We assist with cross-generational differences, helping to smooth problems that arise from differing opinions based on ages, customs, and traditions.


We also provide guidance and counseling for single parent stress or assistance with parents who feel overwhelmed in general.


Don’t just shrug away the problems, let our professionals guide you to healthier family living today with our family counseling options.


It is no easy decision to decide to separate or divorce your significant other, especially once you have had children and formed a family together.


These times can be the most difficult you will face, whether the separation is amicable or fraught with anger.


You do not need to figure it out alone. The Family Center is ready to assist you with divorce counseling in Ellicott City and dedicated family therapy counselors who can talk to you, your partner, and your children about how to handle the changes that are coming.


Coping mechanisms, behavior recommendations, and communication techniques are all available to you in divorce and separation counseling to get you past this rough patch and onward to happier times. 


Siblings all fight, we know that. But what do you do when the simple bickering goes deeper than just arguing over the TV remote?


Our team at The Family Center provides family therapy for parents and their children whose siblings' conflicts are escalating beyond normal fighting and they need additional help to provide coping mechanisms and emotional outlets. 


We have the tools you need if:

  • you are expecting a new baby

  • your current children are acting cruel towards one another

  • you are preparing for an adoption

  • you have merged two families together with step-children

Help your families communicate, live together, and learn to share their time and space for a happy, fulfilling home together at The Family Center with our family therapy programs.


For more than three decades, The Family Center professionals have been serving the Maryland community in order to provide the best mental health services around.


We have 10 qualified experts, we help treat and evaluate 15 different disorders, and we don’t rely on a one-size-fits-all treatment plan; in fact, we provide 14 different treatment options and will help to customize any solutions to fit your needs.

With your blessing, we work within your community, consulting with teachers and other relatives to find the best solutions for you and your family during family therapy sessions. 


From Columbia to Ellicott City and Laurel, across Howard County, Carroll County, and Anne Arundel County, we service families in all of the surrounding areas. Begin the journey to a healthier family dynamic today -- contact us to learn about your options.

Family Counseling No Matter the Family Dynamic 

Brothers, Sisters, and New Siblings, Oh my! Family Therapy Eases the Sibling Rivalry

Divorce and Separation Counseling with Our Marriage and Family Therapists 

When Your Family is in Need, Look No Further than The Family Center

What Family Therapy Means for You and Your Family

If the idea of trying to get your entire family together to come to family therapy is daunting, you are not alone. The strife at home may seem like it is not worth escalating by mentioning family therapy, let alone organizing a session, but when things are left alone, they only get worse.


Family therapy at The Family Center is led by professional counselors who work with a results-oriented approach. We consider each family member, their struggles, hobbies, current work or school programs, and more to create a tailored approach for you.


Each voice is heard, valued, and applied to the family therapy sessions. As with separation counseling sessions, we work together towards a positive approach during difficult times.


With our results-orientated approach and practical, positive solutions, family members feel united once they begin attending family therapy at The Family Center. This approach makes it easier and more attainable to get your family out and about and focusing on one another. 


Because we are not limited by the resources we are allowed to utilize, we offer to bring coaches, teachers, and more into the fold so they can further apply the techniques discussed during your therapy sessions. 


What this does is allow you and your children to continue the practices even after you have left the office. Children get extra assistance, sibling tensions are better monitored with approved and practiced techniques, and you have the peace of mind knowing a community is standing behind you.


Divorce counseling in Ellicott City, MD among many other family therapy options is waiting for you today. Give us a call. 

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