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Sports Psychology Ellicott City, MD



Sports Psychology

Chris Williams, LCSW-C

As a former high level athlete and coach, Chris Williams, LCSW-C has a specialty providing sports psychology/counseling to youth and adult athletes and working with teams to address how mental and emotional health issues impact performance and sport enjoyment. Chris has been in clinical practice at the Family Center since 2001, and has been a resident of Howard County since 1977.

Below you will find more information, videos, and events hosted by Chris Williams.

Sports Counseling Services  in Ellicott City, MD & Surrounding Areas

Sports counselors that offer clinical or counseling services generally must be licensed in the state in which they practice. Sports counseling services makes individual or team performance better, which, in turn, improves the experience for the millions of sports fans who watch athletic events on TV and in person. Women's sports, women's coaches, male coaches on female teams, and special athletes (e.g., wheelchair) also can benefit from sports counseling services.

Sunset Run

Individual Services

Services focused on promoting the mental and emotional health of the athlete so that an athlete can experience optimal performance and enjoyment of sports.  Sports counseling services can help athletes to:

  • Overcome low self-confidence

  • Overcome poor motivation

  • Manage performance anxiety and stress

  • Improve performance

  • Cope with adjustment issues due to injuries

  • Assess and treat mental and emotional health issues or concerns


Services Include:

  • Individual therapy/counseling

  • Mental Skills Training

Lacrosse Huddle

Team Sevices

Sports counseling can help teams improve cohesion and improve team performance.  Sports Psychology Services help teams to:

  • Play with greater unity

  • Improve communication and team dynamics

  • Set and achieve team goals for improved performance


Services Include:

  • Team Goal-Setting

  • Team Consultation & Team Building Techniques

  • Consultation with coaching staff

  • Mental skills and character development via CLASS program

Game Day Ref


Sports counseling services can also help to address and improve the environment around youth sports.  Services help clubs & organizations to:

  • Provide a healthier sport environment for youth players and families

  • Educate parents, players, and coaches about importance of mental health in youth sports

  • Educate coaches regarding importance of sports psychology in player development


Services include:

  • Workshops to address parental behavior and conduct

  • Workshops to address coaching behavior and conduct

  • Consultation with clubs, sports organizations regarding importance of mental health for players

  • Workshops/seminars to educate parents, players, and coaches about importance of mental health

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