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Helping Individuals and Families Find Solutions

Providing mental health services for children, adolescents, adults, and families


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The office of The Family Center will be closed from December 22, 2023 - January 3, 2024. 

Voice mail messages will be periodically monitored. For emergencies, please call 911 or go directly to your nearest emergency care facility.

We are Now Accepting New Patients for Medication Management

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Mental Health Services in Ellicott City, MD & Surrounding Areas

We are OPEN to take care of all of your family’s emotional, psychological, mental health and behavioral health needs.

The Family Center staff is offering convenient telehealth sessions, as well as, some in-person sessions.
PLEASE CALL 410-531-5087 to make an appointment, to contact your health care provider or leave a message for the administrative staff. 

We wish you good health

-Dr. Gail Walter and The Family Center Staff


Psychiatrists and Psychologist in Ellicott City, MD

At The Family Center in Ellicott City, Maryland, we have psychologists, therapist, psychiatrists, and counselors all providing mental health services to those seeking assistance and guidance in their lives. 


We work with children, adolescents, teens, adults, and families. From sibling rivalry to divorces, school-related problems and LGBTQ+ support, we are here for you, your family, and your children to get through the tough times together. With open communication and healthy coping mechanisms, you can work together to advance to a healthier lifestyle.

Child psychiatrists is available for those seeking community and connection, so you can heal with others in your community who are handling what you are -- you are not alone. 


Located in Ellicott City, MD, we are here for everyone in Columbia, Laurel, Howard County, Carroll County, Anne Arundel County, and the surrounding areas in Maryland. 


Don’t think you or your family needs to go it alone -- contact us today to see what our team of doctors can do for you, and find a happier tomorrow, one step at a time, with our professional doctors, psychologists, social workers, and more.

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Treatment options

Best Therapist in Ellicott City, MD


Part of what sets The Family Center apart is that we are not constrained by the boundaries of managed care. There are no insurance-driven limits on the amount of time our therapists can provide care for you and your family. 


Instead, we take the approach of getting to know you, your problems, and we devise a specific solution plan. There is no “one-size-fits-all” protocol in our office because we take the time to get to know each and every one of our patients and what their specific needs are.


With your consent, our therapists can collaborate with parents, additional family members, and your child’s school to implement effective and timely solutions that work for everyone.


Any communities you are involved in, like sports or after-school or work hobbies, we can connect with to find the best solution so that the care you receive does not stop at our doors.

Social Workers Ellicott City, MD

The Family Center are Here for You and Your Child

Social workers, counselors, psychiatrists and child-specific therapists are all part of our staff here at The Family Center.


Difficulties and issues can arise at any age, causing stress, fights, withdrawal, and more within an adolescent or within a family dynamic.


Whether you and your family are facing a difficult time together, or your child needs some additional guidance with internal difficulties, we are here for you.


Just some of the areas our therapists cover include:


  • Personality and learning assessments to identify mood disorders or attention problems

  • Emotional distress like depression or anxiety

  • Social skills problems

  • Step-family relationships

  • School meetings and teacher conferences

  • And more


The Family Center has the dedicated mental health services you and your family need to find stability, balance, and a healthier way of life. Begin today and contact us to talk about the best treatment options for you.

Counselors in Ellicott City, MD

We Have Been Helping Individuals for Over 35 Years

Adult therapy can be vital to a healthier lifestyle. Our counselors can collaborate with parents, additional family members, and your child’s school to implement effective and timely solutions that work for everyone.


Transitioning jobs or living locations, seeking intimacy within couples, handling grief and loss, and tackling issues arising at work that cause excessive stress are all areas we handle.


The counselors on staff at The Family Center work with you to discuss what is causing the distress in your life, and find healthy solutions to the problems.


We focus on results-oriented family therapy - divorce counselor and separation counselor and child therapy, so our approach is direct and effective to get you where you want to be, both internally and externally in your life. 


Trust us to get you back to the lifestyle you want to lead, and talk to us today. 

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Sports Counseling for You, Your Team, and Your Organization

Since 2001 we have had a dedicated licensed clinical social worker in practice at The Family Center who focuses on sports therapy, sports psychology, sports teams, sports organizations and clubs consulting, and more. 


Chris Williams, LCSW-C, works with youths in sports, adult athletes, and teams to address how mental and emotional health issues impact performance and sport enjoyment.


Chris is a former high-level athlete and coach, so he combines all experiences to enhance his practice to implement the best healthy-living counseling solutions. 


Our sports counseling program includes:

Individual Services

  • Low self-confidence

  • Poor motivation

  • Performance-related anxiety and stress

  • Adjustments after injuries

  • And more

Team Services

  • Goal-setting

  • Consultations

  • Team-building techniques

  • Character development

  • Coach consultations

  • And more

Club and Organization Services

  • Workshops for parental conduct

  • Workshops for coaching conduct

  • Consultations with sports organizations and clubs discussing the importance of mental health services 

  • General education for parents and coaches focusing on healthier sports environments and mental health development through sports. 

When a sport is your or your child’s passion, make sure to enhance the experience by focusing on a healthy mental mindset. Don’t let stress, anxiety, pressure, or set-backs discourage or off-set the enjoyment of the sport, use sports counseling to push past roadblocks with greater mental growth. 

Sports team counseling services enhance a team’s unity, improve team communication, and help to set and achieve goals.

About Us

Our staff are the finest

The Family Center of Central Maryland provides a complete array of services under one roof, from therapists to psychologists in Ellicott City, Maryland and nearby areas.


We have been successfully treating individuals and families for more than 35 years. Our staff is composed of highly experienced doctors who are able to provide individualized and successful treatment that allows families to function smoothly and each individual to grow, prosper, and excel.


We provide state-of-the-art treatment modalities including cognitive training, neurofeedback, biofeedback, and the most comprehensive personality and academic assessments in Maryland.


We are not bound by the treatment constraints of managed care - we have no artificial, insurance-driven limits on the time devoted to patient care nor a one-size-fits-all treatment protocol. We are free to collaborate with parents, other family members, and schools to find effective and timely solutions.


We want to be an active voice in the mental health industry for individuals, families, and children. We are supporters of the Maryland Public Awareness Campaign for Mental Health. You can find out more information and ways that you can get involved here:

Client Testimonials

Josh P.

I always feel welcome and important while I am there. I never feel judged and can be completely honest with what is going on in my life.


I found support in things I never thought anyone else could relate to in the grief support group. I'm happy and relieved that I reached out for help. Now I know I have people in the community who I can trust and look to for help when I need it.

Louise M.

We had lost all hope for our son doing well in school...neurofeedback has made a world of a difference and we love the convenience of doing cognitive training at home! He has finally made the honor roll!

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