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In neurofeedback treatment, electrodes placed on the client’s scalp read and display brainwave activity. No actual electricity is used – the electrodes simply measure the brain’s natural electrical impulses.

Real-time displays illustrate brain activity on a computer screen, enabling clients to control their mental patterns. The brain wave measurements are input into a computer game, which requires focus and relaxation to operate. The game will operate better (you will win) if the brain wave EEG levels are within the set limits. 

Research has shown that neurofeedback treatment can create permanent positive changes in clients’ brains and significantly improve long-term performance.


Here’s what you can expect when receiving neurofeedback training.

  • You use a computer-based program that measures your neuronal activity during various tasks/games. Neuronal activity is tracked via electrode sensors on your head that measure EEG

  • Throughout the game, you will receive visual and auditory feedback on the way your brain reacts during a variety of tasks.

  • You will learn how to “win the game” by controlling specific brain waves with your own mind.

  • Once you’ve learned how to minimize certain brainwaves and strengthen others to win the game, you will soon learn to apply these new skills to everyday life.

  • Over time, the brain adapts and can change its neuronal pathways to reflect these positive changes


At Focal Points Therapy we use the SmartMind BrainTrain system. At the initial appointment, a NewQ is administered in order to get baseline information on what your brain is already doing prior to training. We use this information to determine a protocol of treatment indicated by brain wave type and frequency at a specific site

After approximately 10 sessions of neurofeedback, or after considerable improvements are shown, the NewQ is redone to check the changes in neuronal activity. We do this to track progress and make adjustments in protocol as needed.

There are many research journals and articles that discuss the success and implications of Neurofeedback. You can check out some that we have compiled here.

Does it
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