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5 Spring Activities for Family Bonding in Ellicott City

Spring is the perfect time of year for families to break out of their winter hibernation and reconnect. After long weeks of being indoors, early nights, and seasonal affective disorder and depression, getting out can help all family members feel rejuvenated. 


Research shows that 9 out of 10 parents believe family bonds are fostered through shared activities, but oftentimes families are at a loss for what they can all do together. Spring activities for family bonding in Ellicott City are easy to find, even for the pickiest of family members. 


If you’re looking for family bonding activities you can do this Spring in Ellicott City, we have you covered. We’ve pulled a variety of activities that everyone in the family will be excited about. And with 63% of children wanting to spend family time outdoors, you should have no issues getting everyone together for family bonding in Ellicott City this year.


5 Activities for Family Bonding in Ellicott City 

1)  Farmer’s Markets and Craft Fairs


Howard County is home to multiple farmer’s markets that run over the weekend, weekday mornings, and weekday evenings. Perfect for family members of all ages, everyone can get excited for a weekly trip to the local farmer’s market. 


All of the local farm owners supply delicious and fresh treats from homegrown vegetables to freshly baked treats. Start your morning off right with a trip around some of the ever-changing seasonal farmer’s markets to get your day going. 


You can expect to pick up homemade clothing, unique farm items, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, homemade desserts, recipe books, yard and craft items, and more. Buy something for yourself or the entire family when browsing the local farmer’s markets nearby. It’ll become a tradition everyone looks forward to.

family farm stand.jpg

2) Local Shops: Candles, Bookstores, and More

The creative and local talent in Ellicott City is ever-growing. If you’re looking for family bonding activities in Ellicott City, look no further than exploring the local shops nearby. Howard County pulls in creative talent that delivers the best local shops around town. You can shop homemade candles, local bookstores, thrift stores, jewelry items, and more. 


The shops in Ellicott City are perfect for family bonding. Buy gifts for one another, save up allowances for favorite items, tour small art galleries while you shop, and end the day with a fresh lunch together.


Shopping as a family can help strengthen communication, time together, and help create core memories.

family shopping.jpg

3) Get Local Ingredients for Family Meals

Maryland is known for its seafood and nothing seems to bond families together more than food. When Spring hits, seasonal dishes are celebrated at local restaurants and many local owners offer dining meals, coupons, deals, and more. Make it a tradition to take the kids out once a month for something delicious to eat to celebrate family milestones.


During the week, make meals together as a family with local ingredients. Prepping and making food together not only helps teach kids good habits and skills but can also help strengthen the family unit. Get excited to go shopping, prepare the meals, and share your weekly goals over the dinner table.

family cooking.jpg

4) Visit Local Stables and Farms 

Howard County is home to many horse farms where you and your family can enjoy a calm trail ride through the blooming trees and flowers this Spring. Visiting local farms exposes kids to new animals and habits.


Visit petting zoos, goat yoga, horseback riding, alpaca farms, and more. Kids will get new experiences and will have improved mental health thanks to more time around animals. Many farms will also host weekend fairs and celebrations that offer more activities for the kids to do as well, such as sunflower fields, corn mazes, and bonfires.


Take a step outside this season to look at family bonding activities in Ellicott City you may have overlooked.

family farm.jpg

5) Get Together for Family Escape Rooms

Maryland Spring weather can be unpredictable, so sometimes you need that perfect family activity that is indoors but entertaining for all ages. Howard County is home to many escape rooms where you and your family can try and best puzzles, go head to head for the fastest time, and solve riddles side by side. 


Escape Rooms are a great indoor activity to keep everyone entertained. Your family will bond over education, communication, and a healthy competitive spirit. Make a reservation at a local escape room so you and your kids can explore new activities together and learn new skills side by side.

escape room.jpg

Start Planning Your Family Bonding in Ellicott City Today

Getting the entire family together can feel like a lot of stress, frustration, and planning. Once everyone gets together, however, the celebrations are well worth it. At The Family Center, we want to make it easy for you and the family to spend quality time together. 


By visiting local farms, shops, restaurants, and more, you can keep your family tight-knit and looking forward to monthly traditions. The more connected your kids feel to you, the higher the chance you have of opening up conversations about difficulty in school, mental health, and more.


Reconnect with family today and start exploring family bonding in Ellicott City.

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