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Have You Heard about Alpha Stim?

The more people look for drug-free treatment options, the more Alpha-Stim has come up in conversations.  Whether you’re struggling with chronic conditions like pain and insomnia, or mental health matters like anxiety and depression, you may have heard of it.  At The Family Center, we try to stay at the forefront of treatments—whether clinical, pharmacological, nonpharmacological, or some combination—so we’ve been following Alpha-Stim for the last two decades.  Today, we’ll share all we know about this name and what it could potentially do for you.

What is Alpha-Stim?

Basically, it’s an electrotherapy device that mimics the brain’s own microcurrents to naturally relieve symptoms of many conditions.  When you first see an Alpha-Stim, you probably won’t instantly recognize it.  In comparison to past electrotherapy devices, it’s small, discrete and relatively inexpensive.  Plus, it’s administered very differently. 


Although it’s still a form of electrotherapy, Alpha-Stim uses very gentle doses—incredibly small at millionths of an ampere—so many people don’t even feel them.  You still have to be connected to the device, typically through small clips worn on your earlobes.  But after obtaining permission from a licensed healthcare professional, you should be able to use this machine in the privacy of your home, office, or school.


What are the Benefits?

Honestly, Alpha-Stim and other similar technologies have been used by some major organizations all for the same reason:  minimal side effects.  Sports teams, like the Dallas Cowboys (link to, and even the U.S. military have chosen this treatment to address chronic pain, mood disorders, anxiety, and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 


Although many people are seeking solutions for these symptoms, they don’t want to sacrifice their alertness or ability to sleep in order to find them.  So while many medications exist to target such disorders, they come with these undesirable side effects.  One of the reasons Alpha-Stim has become so popular is because it seems to target these issues simultaneously.

For example, many people who use Alpha-Stim as a form of pain management notice less anxiety and better sleeping habits after their sessions.  Just be sure to work with a doctor or other licensed professional before exploring these effects.  This new form of electrotherapy can often be used alongside other treatments, such as physical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and more.  But you need professional direction in order to maximize these effects.


Where can I get it?

While Alpha-Stim, like so many other items these days, is available for purchase online, we don’t recommend that you buy it on your own to try.  Even though it’s a drug-free alternative that’s proven to be both safe and effective, it should be supervised by a physician.  Not when it comes to each use—you’re more than welcome to have a session in the privacy of your own home—but overall. 

Your doctor will ensure that you’re using it as directed, in short spurts typically lasting only 20, 30, or 60 minutes.  As well as monitor your progress.  They can also recommend other treatment options that may enhance these effects in the long run.   During the first few sessions, you may notice feelings of light-headedness and/or nausea, so you may want to conduct these in a safe space.  Either with or without licensed supervision. 


 For more information on Alpha-Stim or any of the conditions it’s used to treat like pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and PTSD, please contact the professionals at The Family Center.  We’re devoted to helping the people of Central Maryland find effective mental health solutions.  From our offices in Ellicott City, Maryland throughout Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick, Howard Counties, and more, we’re available to assist you today.

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